The Musicpreneur Storehouse is a registered 501c3 based in Nashville and dedicated to serving artists and entrepreneurs in the music community.


The Storehouse serves dedicated musicpreneurs by providing mentorship, consulting, and financial advances that help to create, build, and sustain lasting careers and growing businesses. The organization was founded in 2014 and inspired by the life of Erik Blumenfeld. The intention of the nonprofit is to provide both monetary and nonfinancial support for todays trailblazers that become tomorrows industry leaders.


Just as our name indicates, we are a storehouse. A storehouse typically STORES something. Duh...Right! If you had a storehouse for your farm, that means you are safekeeping your grain to be used later for feed or seed.

The Musicpreneur Storehouse is the same, however, we store knowledge and opportunity. Quite simple we provide a storehouse of abundant resources for those who need them. 


All recipients of support from the Storehouse are required to pay-it-back by paying-it-forward, using their time and talents to serve other charitable organizations such as Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Musicians On Call,

MusiCares, Little Kids Rock, and mentoring the next generation of Musicpreneur.